Court reporters are important to our legal system. The skill they bring to the table literally writes history. If you’re looking to type (or talk) your way to a new career, these are some hard and fast details on how you can become a court reporter.

Any journey begins with the first step. That first step in becoming a court reporter is to find the right court reporting school.

There’s no better place to start your journey toward becoming a court reporter than at Brown College of Court Reporting. Whether you take classes on campus or online, learning the voice writing or stenography method, BCCR makes it easy to fit a court reporting education into your busy schedule. BCCR has more than 47 years of experience in preparing court reporters for entry-level roles in the field, and it’s the only NCRA-approved program in Georgia. To learn more about Brown College of Court Reporting, call us today at 800-849-0703 or visit us at