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Court Reporting School

Are you fascinated by courtroom drama, legal cases, and the workings of the justice system? What about a career that gives you a front-row seat?

In courtrooms, depositions, and other legal proceedings, court reporters play a vital and valued role. They’re the ones responsible for creating a complete and accurate record of courtroom proceedings and depositions. Whether they work in the courtroom or are hired by attorneys or companies, it’s an exciting, demanding, and rewarding career.


Stenography is a highly specialized skill that requires considerable training, placing these reporters in an elite group of professionals. Stenographic court reporters use a computer and a stenotype machine, striking specific combinations of keys and applying a shorthand language to record words and phrases with lightning speed and precision. Brown College graduates master this skill at 225 words per minute with 95 percent accuracy. Many liken stenography more to playing classical piano than to typing words.

Mastering the stenography method takes patience and dedication, driven by the knowledge that a range of compelling and lucrative opportunities lie ahead. Our faculty are expert instructors with a deep knowledge of the industry and a desire to see their students succeed.

Voice Writing

Voice writing is increasingly in demand for court reporting and other real-time communications needs, such as live captioning for TV. Audio-recognition technology is evolving fast, and our instructors are committed to giving our students the best and most current preparation for a dynamic career in voice writing.

Voice writers speak into a mask-like device containing a microphone that transfers their speech into a laptop computer equipped with special voice recognition and translation software. The mask silences the reporter’s voice so as not to disturb the courtroom proceedings, while the software translates the spoken words into text. To achieve the speed and accuracy needed, the court reporter learns to speak rapidly in a shorthand language that is recognized and translated by the software. Like stenography, this method produces a verbatim record of events.

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