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After Many Years, Brown College is Permanently Closed

For over 48 years, Brown College has been a premier college for the court reporting profession. Our graduates are highly respected locally as well as nationally. Unfortunately, in the fall of 2019, it was announced that the College would permanently close its doors, effective December 2020. And, after a very unique and challenging year, we would like to offer an expression of thanks as we finalize the closure.

Thank you to all of our administrators, faculty, and support staff for your commitment to our students. We had to pull together as an organization to effectively manage this closure and to provide a high level of continued support to our students. You did a great job!

In addition, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the court reporting community and our Advisory Board members. Brown College and our graduates greatly benefitted from your years of unselfish support and guidance.

Finally, thank you to the dedicated Brown College students and graduates for being a part of our story. We continue to wish you the best.

Warm regards,

Brown College of Court Reporting – Faculty, Staff, and Management


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