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Online Learning

If you’re looking for the flexibility of online education, come sit with us.

Court reporting education is uniquely suited to online delivery. Our faculty have created an exceptional web-based curriculum that allows students to receive all the benefits of expert instruction, connection with their classmates, and anytime access to our staff and learning resources, with the flexibility to work anywhere.

Our online program offers live, synchronous classes through gold standard software platforms including BlackBoard Collaborate and Moodle. Instructors also use RealTime Coach, a real-time court reporting learning tool developed and proven to give students the experience that will prepare them for the demands of being a professional court reporter.

The day-to-day work of court reporters is based in technology, so our online program helps students develop the mental muscle they need to use technology for sustained periods of time—a major advantage when they go to work in the field. It’s a career that also rewards self-motivation and the ability to work independently. And, especially as students advance toward completion of the program, individual practice is the key to achieving certification.  Our online program is geared to drive students to a brighter future.

Top-earning court reporters are self-motivated, independent, and organized. If that sounds like you, our online program may be the perfect fit for your career goals.

Is Online Learning Right for You?